I miss you most when I try to act
like I don't care about the warm hands.

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Day 37 of 365 - New Politics, “Fall Into These Arms”

i kiss better when i’m drunk
sex is best when you’re not in love

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It was so nice to talk to Cody again. He always has a huge smile on his face and it’s very contagious. I’m so glad that The Rave is his favorite venue in the entire world and I can’t wait to see him and the rest of SIO there again in a few weeks. Also, have fun playing your clarinet in the pool when you get there 😘

Oliver Sykes & Hannah Snowdon at the Alternative Press Music Awards Red Carped.   Photo by Matty Vogel  (Bands Here)

Lalala don’t do this to me lalalala don’t make me go through this again please lalala not listening

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The Story So Far - Mt. Diablo
BESTie Yuji for Hot Baby 1400x933

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How beautiful is it that someone could make your heart beat so fast when you don’t want it to beat at all. Ocg (via heavyeyesignite)

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