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my birthday is on the 24th and i wanted to do a giveaway for it. Sorry it’s so small but I wanted to give you guys a week. I will pick a winner on the 24th of October. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE FOLLOWING ME.

Pictured :

1 Blink 182 bracelet

1 Paramore bracelet

1 You’re So Creepy GHOST TOWN bracelet

1 Marianas Trench Face The Music EP CD

Not pictured :

Surprise GHOST TOWN item

I will also pay for a concert ticket of your choice. You don’t have to have a concert in mind right away. I’ll pay for it whenever you find a concert you’d like me to pay for. I’ll pay for a ticket that costs up to $40. If you can’t go to concerts or would just like me to buy you some merch that adds up or is $40, I can also do that.

Rules :

-I will send anywhere (I don’t expect it to go very far haha but I will still ship outside of the states)

-You don’t have to be following me, not doing this to gain followers

-Reblog/like to be entered


I will be picking a winner on the 24th. If the winner doesn’t want something, I will pick another winner and give it to them. I will cover all the costs of shipping.

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